Clinical Diligence

Mergers and acquisitions are becoming ever popular in human services. Too often, companies are acquired without a total understanding of the quality of their programs and services. Though a thorough financial diligence of an acquisition is common and deemed absolutely essential, it is rare that a thorough clinical evaluation is ever performed. Linke Resources can provide this critical function.

Linke Resources, in partnership with the consultants completing the financial diligence, can provide shareholders and the Board of Directors of the acquiring company a thorough profile of their potential investment, permitting them to make an ever more informed decision. Linke Resources can:

  • Provide a description of clinical models for programs and services, benchmarked against best practice in the field.
  • Assess clinical strengths and assets.
  • Assess the quality of client engagement.
  • Summarize the background and professional qualifications of
    administrative and clinical staff.
  • Complete a comparative analysis of the organization’s rate structure.
  • Identify desirability of identified programs and services in market segments.
  • Identify clinical strengths and potential areas for improvement, including the need for adaptation due to industry trends and changing financial guidelines and reimbursement requirements.
  • Provide an analysis of survey and regulatory findings, identifying systemic issues of deficient practice.
  • Review medical and program records for regulatory compliance and best practice.
  • Analyze revenue diversity both within and across programs.