HR Tactical Solutions

Job Description Development

  • Well written job descriptions, which clearly and simply articulate job responsibilities, job requirements and working conditions are essential to sound performance management and colleague engagement.
  • We will work with your team to develop job descriptions, which are tailored to each of your specific positions. All job descriptions are compliant with relevant laws including the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employee Handbooks

  • Employee Handbooks provide employees with a convenient and useful summary of the organization’s most important policies. Handbooks play a key role in ensuring employees are informed of work rules and in helping to protect the organization in the event of a wrongful termination claim.
  • Working closely with your team to learn about your unique policies and benefits, we will develop a beautifully organized and clearly written summary of your most important polices.   Handbooks are completely searchable, making finding information a breeze.

Safety Handbooks

  • Linke Resources can help put all of your most important safety rules and practices in a concise and handy guidebook for employees. Like all of our written materials, the handbook will be user friendly, clear and easy to understand and to navigate.   Acknowledgement and sign off forms will give you the piece of mind that your employees have agreed, in writing, to adhere to your safety standards and rules.

Wage and Hour Audits

  • Violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars. When violations occur, companies are required to go back as far as three years to correct wages.   Common violations involve interrupted meal breaks, well intended employees checking emails before they clock in and failing to include bonuses in the calculation of overtime pay.
  • Linke Resources can review your policies as well as your pay practices to help identify areas of vulnerability and can work with you to tighten up policies and practices to minimize your vulnerability to wage and hour claims.

Benefit Guides

  • Neither managers nor employees want to wade through lengthy benefit plan descriptions or multiple policies in order to understand their benefits.   Let Linke Resources create a time saving and invaluable resource for employees with our well-organized summary of all of your benefit plans and programs.

Policy Writing and Policy Management

  • A critical, yet tedious and often neglected process due to other more pressing business needs, policy writing and policy dissemination often get put on the back burner.
  • At Linke Resources, we can develop policies from scratch which are customized to your unique business needs and which meet compliance requirements in your industry. We can update your policies on an ongoing basis to help ensure they remain current with changing regulatory requirements and the changing needs of your business.   We will create clear, well organized and easy to read policies that are free from “legalize” and/or jargon.
  • A virtual “electronic” manual can be created in which all policies reside in one place, saving you and your employees’ time and frustration when looking for the latest versions of policies. Your electronic manual will include a table of contents and will be fully searchable. You and your employees will not even need to know the name of the policy they are looking for. Instead, you will be able to search on any word or combination of words to find all related policy language.
  • For those who wish to have paper manuals as well, all policies are print ready. Printing services can also be provided upon request.

Leadership Training

  • There is no question that there is a direct and significant correlation between the effectiveness of an organization’s leaders and the success of an organization, yet leadership training often falls to the wayside.   Linke Resources can help.   With over 30 years of experience in developing and conducing leadership training programs and with expertise in all areas of Human Resources, we can create and/or provide training on any or all of the following.
  • Hiring for Success
  • Performance Management – Building and Retaining a High Performance Workforce
  • Coaching and Corrective Action
  • Time Management and Organizational Best Practices
  • The Legal Side of Supervision
    • Family/Medical Leave and the Americans with Disabilities Act
    • The Fair Labor Standards Act (Wage and Hour Compliance)
    • Harassment Prevention Training
    • Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

Employee Relations Guidance

  • Research shows than less than one third of managers feel comfortable addressing performance and behavioral issues with employees and as a result these issues fester and wreak havoc on morale, engagement and bottom line business results.
  • Linke Resources can help managers and leaders discern and identify the specific behavioral or performance issues and can then put clear and prescriptive coaching plans in place to help employees make the needed changes in order to make positive contributions to the organizations.  When needed changes do not occur, Linke Resources will carefully guide managers through the corrective action process and potentially help transition employees who cannot meet job expectations out of the organization in a fair and sensitive manner.   We pride ourselves on focusing on the behavior and/or performance, while respecting the employee’s personal dignity.

Compensation Studies and Compensation Program Design and Development

  • Ensuring compensation programs are both competitive with organizations competing for the same talent and provide internal equity is essential ingredients in attracting and retaining talent and avoiding potential claims of discriminatory pay practices.
  • Linke Resources is equipped to complete comprehensive market studies with quick turn around times. We will develop clear and transparent compensation programs and wage scales for your organization and will evaluate each employee’s pay rates in relationship to the market, taking into consideration your organization’s budgetary constraints, compensation philosophy as well as your employee’s individual skills, years of experience, education, etc.