Executive Coaching

Drawing upon 50 years of collective leadership and clinical experience in psychology, behavior analysis and leadership development, Linke Resources offers an array of customized leader and executive coaching services.   Executive coaching heightens self-awareness resulting in advanced emotional intelligence and leadership skills, better positioning leaders for success.

Individual coaching may be particularly helpful for leaders who are assimilating into a new organizational culture or who have taken on a new role, initiative or project.  Team coaching is designed to assess the effectiveness of the team dynamics and identify strategies for improving the team’s interpersonal relationships and overall effectiveness.

For both individual and team coaching, focus areas and outcomes may include:

  • Enhanced emotional intelligence, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • More productive and professionally rewarding team dynamics.
  • Improved ability to manage conflict and change.
  • Increased involvement and buy in of key stakeholders in change management and/or achieving strategic goals.
  • Clarity and understanding of empowering / disempowering behaviors and the development of meaningful strategies for positive change.
  • Increased ability to achieve personal and professional goals.
  • Improved capacity for building and maintaining healthy relationships.
  • Strengthened tactical and strategic decision-making skills.