Executive & Professional Search

It’s the people in key leadership roles who are ultimately responsible for the success, or failure, of your organization. In fact, the most important decisions you will make are those related to who you hire to fill these positions.

Executive and professional recruitment is Linke Resources primary area of service. Our inside industry knowledge of behavioral health, intellectual disabilities, autism, developmental disabilities, rehabilitation, and other human services-based organizations provides us with the critical knowledge needed to identify candidates who will excel in your company culture.  

Retained Search

The success of your organization is directly correlated to its skill in hiring the right people for its key leadership positions. Who you hire will determine whether or not your organization succeeds in setting and achieving its objectives. Linke Resources helps organizations locate and hire the superstars who can do just that. Read More

Temp to Hire

Our innovative Temp-to-Hire program provides a no-commitment test drive to fill your immediate needs, and allows you the opportunity to make an on-the-job evaluation. This service allows the organization an opportunity to evaluate job performance and then make a more educated hiring decision.Read More

Temporary Staffing

Do you have a large, temporary project? Does your organization have a need for a skilled professional on a interim basis? Or are you unsure of your long-term needs and not ready to commit to making a permanent hire?Read More

Interim Leadership

Is your organization experiencing an unexpected transition or looking for a fresh perspective? When a key leader leaves, your organization needs strong guidance and ideas to plan for the next phase.Read More